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Your Harwood, MD Source for Metal Fabrication

When your vehicle sustains damage from either wear or collision, you need a metal fabrication specialist in Harwood, MD you can trust. Rehab Customs provides metal fabrication to restore the irreplaceable components on your car. Our technicians have been thoroughly trained and kept educated on the latest techniques and information to perform exceptional bodywork using fabrication. Parts that you might have to replace and even the entire vehicle can be saved with our building, welding, and repair services for your car’s body and frame. We understand the financial and intrinsic value of your vehicle, and we want to help you preserve value by using our state-of-the-art equipment and finely-honed skills. To ensure your satisfaction with any project, we always perform for results that surpass the competition. This quality returns your vehicle to a condition that will make people question whether you even had repairs done on the car.

teal ford truck

Unmatched Quality on Every Project

The metal fabrication services we provide include rust repair, welding, and frame and body building. Every vehicle that comes into our shop gets our unwavering attention to detail and high standards of work quality. When your tires kick up salt off the winter road, it can corrode the metal of your panels. When your car’s body rusts through, it lowers its value and endangers the structural integrity of the exterior. The rusted-through doors and panels also look terrible and expose your interior components to the cold air, rain, and pests. Your car’s frame and body should always employ the automotive care of dependable fabricators like Rehab Customs. Building the frame and body takes precision and in-depth knowledge of the proper form and angles for every piece. Our building and welding capabilities are a point of pride, and we always make sure our work produces the best possible results.

Proficient Auto Body Care

At Rehab Customs, our passion is our occupation. Our team carries a deep appreciation for automobiles of all sorts, and we emphasize keeping them in top condition. To ensure your vehicle gets the best care possible, we’re devoted to staying current on our equipment, training, and knowledge of the auto body industry. With this up-to-date expertise, you can count on us for exceptional service, including metal fabrication for welding, frame and body building, and rust repair. If your vehicle needs auto body work, contact us today for expert care from seasoned professionals in Harwood, MD. We’ll help you schedule a time to visit our location and receive a free estimate on the service your vehicle requires. With Rehab Customs, we’ll keep your car’s frame and body at their best.

Customize Your Ride Today!